zaterdag 5 november 2011

Mijn laatste opdrachten

Deze twee hondjes had ik al eerder getekend, maar aangezien het cadeaus waren kon ik ze niet eerder plaatsen.
Beide zijn met pastel op suede. De JRT is 40x50cm het andere hondje 10x15cm.

I had painted these two dogs a while ago, but because they where presents I couldn''t show them earlier.
Both are pastels on suedeboard. The JRT is 40x50 cm, the other dog measures 10x15 cm.

1 opmerking:

sue zei

Lovely work Daisyree - I particularly like the JRT - he's gorgeous.

Where do you buy your Suede Board? I can't seem to find a supplier in the UK but would love to give it a try. I don't particularly like velour any more but believe suede board is a little more like pastelmat - would you agree?


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